Life as a new media student

Stress Ulcers

I’ve had quite the week so far. I finally have my English essay over and done with, unfortunately I let it screw with my sleep schedule – which means I slept through class on Tuesday (13 hour sleep, woot?) I hate missing anytime to talk to Steve about my project, it would have been nice to try and get some photo cells working along with my pressure pads but we’ll see what Friday brings. Hopefully he won’t be too busy…which I’m afraid will happen, last day to meet with him and 40 other students freaking out about their projects – chaos at its finest. I still haven’t gone to activ surplus yet to pick up different motors, tonight I’m going to the Art Gallery of Ontario for another assignment so I think tomorrow I’ll walk over to Queen West and see what I can pick up.

Not much progess has been made since last Friday with my project. I think though I would like to keep my piece very raw by not hiding much, keeping wires visible etc. much like the Electronic Life Forms. I really hope to achieve something fun/cute/creepy in the end.  Creepy as in the way Philip Beesley’s work is…although my piece would be more creepy if it took over an entire wall, perhaps this is something I can work towards in the future with my installation.

This will probably be my last process blog until friday (when its due) . I would definitely like to keep updating it until its actually complete…


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