Life as a new media student


I’m procrastinating for another course by doing a blog entry, yay!

I had another meeting with Steve this afternoon were we basically made a circuit with a 122 Transistor hooked up to the arduino that allowed the pressure pad to turn on and off a pager motor. I think I’m going to keep it two motors to a pad, but maybe if I get a multiplexer and figure that our I’ll be able to hook up more. I also would like to talk to Steve next week about adding a Photo Cell into the mix to hopefully create and even deeper interactive experience. A photo cell would probably catch users off guard as they will probably figure out the pressure pads trigger an event very quickly, the small photo cells would probably go unnoticed. As per Steve’s suggestion I’ll be taking a trip to Active Surplus to explore the use of some different motors, but this probably won’t happen until Monday. I definitely need to start thinking about the final look of my project, the colours of the pressure pads really aren’t my thing…bright primaries arrggh, maybe I can sow together some slip covers for them soon.

curcuit with a T122

From this afternoon, hopefully I can re-create this myself sometime this weekend


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