Life as a new media student

Moving right along…kind of

Updates update updates, I know if I don’t keep up with my process blog I’ll leave to the night before it’s due for grading and I will suffer the consequences.  I’ve got quite the week coming up, unfortunately my elective gets in the way of my concentration on my production classes and specifically Steve’s.  I have another meeting with Steve planned for Friday hopefully I can take his guidance and get work done that evening, a Gothic horror essay requires my time on Saturday and may carry over until Sunday…I should have taken my electives during the summer – noted for next year.

In Tuesday’s class Steve and I talked about taking the next step in my project, building my wallmounted-pagermotor-girating-moving-reacting-thing. Each mat will have its own wall panel that it will effect, therefore I’m looking at creating a piece about 8 feet in length (damn!). I went out yesterday and bought a huge sheet of foam-board to mount my motors on, tomorrow I’ll be putting the circuits Steve drew for me together and hopefully get some cool stuff happening. Steve suggested I think/work on taking my piece to its next level in terms of “What can I add to build on the experience”, photocells may be the answer to that…and fabric…light airy fabric that wiggles in a creepy way. We shall see.


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