Life as a new media student

“We Are The Wind”

I had my meeting with Steve this afternoon to discuss my final project for his class. At first I was worried he wouldn’t understand my ideas or maybe even think I’m heading in the wrong direction with it, but he was definitely on the same page! Steve gave me some great ideas and a possible title for my work (see post title), he also showed me Electronic Life Forms which relate to my project in that I’m trying to make something that immitates nature.  This weekend I’m going to Activ Surplus to buy some pager motors (as recommended by Steve) then bring them into class on Tuesday, I’ve seen videos of Bristle Bots so I think for fun I’ll make one of those. The pager motors will hopefully be mounted on the wall in a rectangle and will be activated by a sensor. Now I’ll I need to do is decide which type of Sensor I’ll use, its between a pressure senor in the floor or using photocells to manipulate my piece with light/shadows.


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