Life as a new media student

Final Project Proposal – Data Visualization

For my final project in David’s production class I have chosen a subject I’m quite fond of and that is close to my heart – music! Listening to music is one of my favorite past-times, I never grow tired of finding new artists or going to concerts. I guess you could also say I’m quite the collector of music…erm bit torrents. In terms of data collection for this project I will be using my account. is a music community website where users can download a plug-in for their music player and “scrobble” – transfer music to the website’s database. After music is scrobbled the data will appear on the users profile, this allows for a detailed page of the users music taste and listening habits. I’ve had my account for closing in on two years now so I feel it is a reliable source for my project.  My inspiration for this project came from another data visualization that utilizes called “Extra Stats”. After downloading this application you can type your username into it and from there it will collect you musical information and create a colourful sort of waveform…thing where each colourful blob represents an artist. You can change the colour palette, zoom in or out, display albums/tags/tracks, show more/less items etc etc. Extra Stats was based on another visualization by Lee Byron.

Extra Stats displaying my music listening for the past couple of months.

I will be using processing for my project. At this point I don’t really know where I’m going aesthetically yet, but with processing I can hopefully create a beautiful interactive piece. I won’t be using all of the musical artists I have scrobbled onto my profile, I think it would make things easier just to visualize artists I have listened to in the past 3 months.  I still consider myself fairly ‘green’ with processing, but I would really like to use even more information provides to me by creating a network between the artists I have listened to and the artists recommends for me to listen to.  Once the project is finished I hope those who view it can come to a conclusion of the type of person I am based on the music I listen to, feel compelled to listen to my favorite artists, or explore my music listening habits chronologically in a visual environment.

Here’s my profile, feel free to stalk me through music:


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