Life as a new media student

The Ivy Wall

Um um its October! Which means we’re nearing the end of the semester….which means our major projects are due soon…which means I’m freaking out.

Thankfully for a Monday English class in Kerr Hall I’m fairly certain that I’ve actually made strides in my final project for Steve’s class. I’ve really been trying to brainstorm a wonderful project idea for the past little while, but I find most of the time you need to chill out and let things come to you.  While I was sitting in KHE 216 by the window in class my idea finally came to me. I was watching the ivy covered walls of Kerr Hall being blown by the wind and I though to myself, “What if we are the wind?” …essentially we can be interpreted as the wind in many ways; everything we do has a huge effect on the world.  In class we’ve been learning about sensors in class so perhaps my idea isn’t so far-fetched? Right now I’m thinking of something that can be wall mounted (I originally thought of something on a large scale but cost and time create barriers right now)made up of tons of motors (maybe?) that move in the same way the ivy does when the wind blows on it. There will be an interaction involved between the object and the user, this is where a sensor would come into play but I’m not quite sure how/what yet.  The objects reaction to its environments and movements will be organic at its essence – moving in waves/ripples during an interaction. That’s all I have for now…hopefully this is something I can stick with, I’ll definitely be needing to talk to Steve to get this ship sailing.  Shwoooooosh (sound of ship sailing…maybe)

Some Ivy on a building at Princeton

Some Ivy on a building at Princeton


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